Mandatory Vaccinations to Go to College or Work – Illegal?

The military would love to have every member inoculated against the pandemic virus. However, it cannot make it mandatory because the FDA does not approve the vaccines. They are distributed to the public under an Emergency Use Authorization. Why do … Continue reading

Colleges Overly Cautious Actions Might Infect More People

A short article today – I had surgery on my right wrist today to remove a squamous cell carcinoma. I have mobility in my right hand, but not a lot due to the bandages. Throbbing is increasing and time in … Continue reading

Returning to College Might be the First Step to Freedom

Many colleges opened their doors for the Fall Semester recently. Headlines indicate that panic is sweeping the college campuses with COVID-19 out of control. New cases are approaching the OMG level! College Hospitalizations and Deaths However, did you read about … Continue reading