The Second Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease That is Something You Can Control

There are several causes of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) that most people can control. Ask Dr. Google, and he will tell you that the medical field does not know what causes AD; however, amyloid-beta plaque buildup and tau tangles are most … Continue reading

Can Aging be Slowed with Vitamins, Minerals, and Natural Supplements?

Most of us prefer to age gracefully. We know that it is inevitable, and our bodies will change. However, are there natural options to maintain good health and look better while we age? My first book on longevity, Longevity Secrets … Continue reading

A Major Statin Drug Concern

The New England Journal of Medicine reported that at least 250,000 heart attacks last year could have been prevented by controlling inflammation. These 250,000 heart attacks represent 20% of the total 1,250,000 heart attacks annually. Half of the total heart … Continue reading

Are You Taking This Deadly Drug?

One out of four people over 55 years of age are taking statin drugs. At one point in time, some doctors wanted statin drugs to put into our water supplies (like fluoride). Statin drugs are prescribed for high cholesterol. All … Continue reading

Cholesterol, Bad For You?

Is high cholesterol bad for your health? How did we live for thousands of years and never have a cholesterol problem until the pharmaceutical industry came up with a drug to solve this problem? We get cholesterol in two ways. … Continue reading