My Unique Christmas 1998 Started with a Bus Fire Before a 10-Mile Tunnel

It was the last couple of years of my military career. I was on active duty in Stuttgart, Germany, supporting operations in Bosnia. My wife and son joined me for the Christmas holidays. USEUCOM (United States European Command) gave everyone … Continue reading

Grateful or Thankful, Is There a Difference?

Thankfulness requires both a sender and a receiver. A person or thing created something for which you received and benefited from in some way. Gratefulness implies a state of being – just being grateful for what is. This Christmas season … Continue reading

Did You Fill Your Kids’ Needs?

I remember Christmas as a child. It was a big deal. It took forever to come. My friends and I all wanted various things. We would tell our parents that we wanted this or that and hope that Santa would … Continue reading