What One Thing is the Best Insurance for a Long Healthy Life?

A poster I used to have hanging on my wall when I was a young Naval Aviator stated – “Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous. But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of … Continue reading

1 Out of 3 E-Cigarette Users Report Lung Damage

Over 8 million Americans use, smoke, or vape e-cigarettes daily. Almost two and a half million Americans are suffering from health problems as a result. E-Cigarettes https://truthinitiative.org/research-resources/emerging-tobacco-products/e-cigarettes-facts-stats-and-regulations  An e-cigarette (an electronic nicotine delivery system – ENDS) heats a liquid that produces … Continue reading

Quarantine is Not What Happens to You!

Stress is compounded in people when they do not recognize that a stressor is affecting them. It is also a problem when they recognize they are stressed, and they will not let it go. It is not what happens to … Continue reading

Why Do So Many Elderly Die of, with, or from COVID-19?

We hear about COVID-19 deaths taking a major toll on the elderly, especially those with multiple pre-existing conditions. Why are the elderly more susceptible? Age? Multiple diseases? Other? We need to know the cause of so many elderly dying from … Continue reading

Let It Go! Before the End of the Pandemic

We have been quarantined or restricted from what used to be our normal lifestyle. It is frustrating and irritating at times. We get stressed, even being at home all day. Stress is a major cause of future disease. Release stress … Continue reading

When Will We Ever Learn to Stop Making Poor Decisions?

In 1592, Shakespeare dramatized the Battle of Bosworth Field in Richard III (Act 4 Scene 4) and portrayed King Richard III on his horse bogged in a mud pit, unable to move. King Richard shouted, “A Horse! A Horse! My … Continue reading

Are You Doomed by Your Personal Kobayashi Maru Scenario?

skeeze / Pixabay The Kobayashi Maru was an unwinnable scenario that all Starfleet captains had to take as part of their training. Starfleet wanted to see how their leaders reacted to defeat and death. James T. Kirk was not your … Continue reading

Your Current Health is not an Accident

4144132 / Pixabay Before I begin, I am not referring to those born with a health issue, nor am I referring to people accidentally injured. I am writing about people who control their own lives. They choose the foods they … Continue reading

What We Don’t Know

There is a lot of information available to those who seek it, regardless of the topic. How do we separate fact from fiction? Fiction is akin to fake news. We assume it to be true because of the source. We … Continue reading

Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, and Longevity according to Fox News today

Fox News posted an article today discussing the subject of obesity and longevity. An analysis of ten studies comprising nearly 200,000 U.S. adults over the past seventy years showed some insight into our health and weight. None of the participants … Continue reading