When Are We Going to Be Talking About a Post Pandemic World?

It has been slightly over a month since I wrote about the pandemic virus. Unfortunately, headlines generally support another surge plowing through those few unvaccinated people – sooner than later. The headline that attracted my attention today told us that … Continue reading

Is the Hard-Line ‘Zero Infection’ Approach the Best Method?

“Pay me now or pay me later, but pay me you will” was a famous 1970 Fram oil filter slogan. I believe that the same applies to our pandemic. But, unfortunately, hiding from the virus now and the virus will … Continue reading

Realities of Foreign Coronavirus Vaccine

Russia and China have coronavirus vaccines that they are selling to other countries. Are they safe and do they work? That remains to be seen. Russian Vaccine (https://abcn.ws/2RN63cD) A month ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the release of Sputnik … Continue reading

California Doing Something Right About Coronavirus?

The coronavirus numbers can be confusing at times. I review them daily for several countries and states. The latest figures I have today come from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/. I find it to be a consistent site for coronavirus numbers. California, according to … Continue reading

How Does NYC Coronavirus compare to the World?

An article I found today in The Week showed statistics from the New York City (NYC) Department of Health and Mental Hygiene about death rates in NYC. It reported that about half the coronavirus cases are found in adults under … Continue reading

Coronavirus – What is Happening in Italy and Elsewhere?

I’ve been asked by three people today why the deaths in Italy are so high compared to other countries outside of China. I felt this was a good question to research. Today, March 12, 2020, Italy has 15,113 total cases … Continue reading

Why Not Report the Real Numbers?

I saw a blog post this morning that compared the deaths of the coronavirus in China to various deaths in the US. The numbers were calculated to be daily totals. I thought the numbers of deaths were a bit over-exaggerated. … Continue reading

What is Important to Know about the Flu

The coronavirus is getting attention around the world, Shortly, I expect, that the United States will have more than a few cases of this virus. The standard medical industry protocols for avoiding the flu are to get a flu vaccination, … Continue reading

Coronavirus Out of Control?

Approaching midnight on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, the Chinese coronavirus has infected over 45,000 people worldwide and has accounted for over 1,100 deaths. How does this COVID-19 virus (new name designated by the World Health Organization) stack up against other … Continue reading

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly about Today’s Update on China’s Influenza – 26JAN20

China has confirmed 2051 people are infected with the coronavirus as of 7 pm today, January 26, 2020. 56 people in China have died because of this disease. No fatalities have been reported outside China. This strain of influenza appears … Continue reading