Say It is Not True – No Herd Immunity in America!

For over a year, we have heard about daily cases of COVID-19 setting new records in this state or another. We have heard about the deaths, the hospitalizations, and more. Our savior is the vaccine. Millions of people are getting … Continue reading

Gallup Poll Shows a Significant Shift in Perception About the Pandemic

Fear is probably the number one word that described Americans’ perception of the pandemic one year ago. Too many unknowns too quickly. The virus was killing older adults, and hospitals were not capable of handling the increasing caseloads. We have … Continue reading

How Does a Newborn Baby Have Immunity to the Pandemic Virus?

A pregnant healthcare worker was vaccinated three weeks before she delivered her baby. Antibodies from the S-protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus ( were discovered in the baby’s cord blood. The Rest of the Story A healthy, full-term female baby … Continue reading

Pandemic Freedom by the Summer of 2021?

Dr. Fauci announced yesterday that the “Umbrella of Protection” is possible by the summer of 2021. Can you believe it? In six or seven months, the pandemic will be an afterthought? I do not believe it. Umbrella of Protection … Continue reading

The Common Cold Offers Safety from Coronavirus

A few months ago, there were a couple of studies published in Europe about the speculation that common colds caused by coronavirus could offer protection against the SARS-Co-V-2 virus that causes COVID-19. I wrote about them at that time. Further … Continue reading

Your Choices Today Affect the Health of Your Future Offspring

I had breakfast with an 80-year-old man this morning. He was a biochemist in an earlier life. He had both his hip joints replaced not long ago. He told me his father also had worn out hip joints, but that … Continue reading