Avoid Fish Oil When You Have This Heart Problem

How many times have we heard that fish oil (omega-3 fatty acid) is good for your heart? We are told that unsaturated fish oil reduces inflammation, decreases triglycerides, lowers blood pressure, reduces blood clotting, reduces irregular heartbeats, and decreases your … Continue reading

Heart Attack & Stroke Risk Reduced by One Pill

News today indicates that a single pill can reduce heart attack and stroke. It is called a polypill. It contains several generic blood pressure and cholesterol medications. The Polypill Announcement https://www.newsmax.com/health/health-news/pill-polypill-stroke-heart-attack/2020/11/17/id/997390/ Four drugs – Simvastatin (a cholesterol-lowering drug), Atenolol (a … Continue reading

Protection From Alzheimer’s Disease?

Today I visited my brother-in-law in an Alzheimer’s wing of an elderly care facility. Health insurance may pay care facility expenses, but it won’t prevent you from coming down with this disease or other mentally debilitating diseases – schizophrenia, bipolar, … Continue reading