A Spice That Can Replace Pain Meds for Some

Turmeric, the golden spice, has been used for centuries to treat many health problems, primarily pain, and inflammatory disorders. Health Benefits https://health.usnews.com/wellness/food/articles/what-are-the-health-benefits-of-turmeric. Ayurvedic and Chinese practices use turmeric for simple health issues, indigestion or headaches, to more severe diseases such … Continue reading

Coffee, Tea, or Me for Great Health!

The title should have said, ‘Coffee, tea, or water,’ but I could not resist using the 1973 movie title starring Karen Valentine to start this article. All three drinks have excellent health value. Tea https://www.heart.org/en/news/eat-it-or-leave-it Tea is the most popular … Continue reading

At What Age Must I Worry About the Coronavirus

Let’s assume a worst-case scenario for you. You have been told you have the coronavirus. What do the demographics show us regarding age, sex, etc.? We hear that if you are over 60 or 65 years of age, then the … Continue reading

Is Fasting Worth It?

  Fasting or abstaining from food and some drinks is common. People do it to lose weight. Others fast for religious reasons during Lent or Ramadan. A few fast for genuine health improvement. My wife and I are entering Lent … Continue reading