Eating Less Can Do Amazing Things to Your Health and Longevity

Calorie restriction (CR) is a lifestyle choice and not a diet. It should not be confused with restricted calories that might border on malnutrition. CR means restricting certain types of calories and maintain the required vitamins and minerals necessary for … Continue reading

What If You Could Win Every Lottery?

What if you could win every lottery? What if you developed a system that could predict the future? What if this system also allowed you to determine the winner of the World Series, Super Bowl, etc.? Very few of us … Continue reading

Eat Less (or More) Depending

Studies have been done on healthy individuals using 20 percent to 30 percent reduction of calories from previous normal levels. Testing results showed: ● Improved heart function ● Reduced biomarkers of inflammation ● Reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease and … Continue reading

When in Doubt, Go Without

Testing done on rats in the 1930s by McCay demonstrated expected life could be extended by 40 percent with food levels just above the state of malnutrition. Since then, additional studies have been done on a wide variety of animals … Continue reading

Eating Less Can Lead to Living Longer and Healthier

Would you believe that starving can actually help you live longer and healthier? Maybe starving is a strong word. Many low-calorie diets fail. However, when you balance the nutritional content of a lower calorie diet, you end up with some … Continue reading

Weight Loss – A Calorie Restriction Lifestyle Can Lead to Weight Loss and a Healthier Life

The Basics:  What you need to know if a few sentences. Eating less and exercising more is not the answer to looking younger, living longer and being healthier. A Calorie Restriction lifestyle is based on eating fewer calories, but those … Continue reading