Should Breakthrough Infections Begin to Worry People?

When a COVID-19 vaccinated person becomes infected with coronavirus, the CDC uses breakthrough to describe this situation. Initially, there were very few breakthrough cases. However, it seems lately that something has happened that changed the risk of becoming a breakthrough … Continue reading

What Pandemic Variants are in the United States Today

We hear about this U.K. viral variant or another South African coronavirus mutation. What variants of COVID-19 are in the United States, and do we have a concern? Are the headlines keeping fear-mongering alive, or do we have a legitimate … Continue reading

Virus Update for Mid-Winter Very Interesting

Since January 1, 2020, I have written over 400 articles, with nearly 180 articles on coronavirus. It started in January 2020 as China Flu and progressed to be better known as COVID-19. It is not a subject that I enjoy … Continue reading

How Many Really Die From COVID-19?

An official in San Diego reported this week that only six people died from ‘pure’ COVID-19. Those six had no pre-existing conditions. San Diego county’s death toll from COVID-19 is 194 as of las.t Thursday. San Diego’s population is 3,300,000 … Continue reading

Coffee, Cancer and California

Today, a Los Angeles judge ruled coffee in California needs to be labeled as a potential cause of cancer. In 2010, a lawsuit was brought by the Council for Education and Research on Toxics against coffee roasters, distributors, and retailers. … Continue reading