Breathing Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Health

We breathe every day. Yet, many of us are not breathing fully. We do not inhale from our lower diaphragm enough oxygen to be healthy beyond belief. How long can you hold your breath? It depends. Are you sitting relaxed … Continue reading

How Stress Affects More Than Your Waistline

We have more receptors to store fat from cortisol, the stress hormone, around our bellies than anywhere else in our bodies. Cortisol loves to store fat. A little fat does not impact your health or longevity. A little bit more … Continue reading

Do Face Masks Degrade Your Workout in the Gym?

Have you ever wondered if wearing a face mask would impede your workout at the gym or even a long-distance run? It seems logical that slowing down the flow of air into and out of your lungs would leave you … Continue reading

Untreated Stress Makes You Fatter and Older – Can You Do Anything About It?

Stress is good and bad. When humans were hunter-gatherers, stress provided that extra bit of energy to avoid being the hunted. The stress reaction is built into our bodies. Stress is not the real problem. It is how we react … Continue reading

Concerned about the 2020 flu season? (It might become the worst in 40+ years)

I read an article today about the 2019/20 flu season is probably the worst we have seen in quite a while. The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases can’t predict how bad it will be, but it is already … Continue reading


There are simple exercises that you can do to optimize your breathing through each of your nostrils. Perform an alternate nostril breathing exercise to reestablish a normal rhythm. Place your finger or thumb over your right nostril and breathe in slowly through … Continue reading

Control Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Will a good diet prevent Alzheimer’s?  Probably not!  Because our foods contain many products that allow Alzheimer’s to develop – or – they exacerbate conditions which make it worse.  Sugar, processed white flour, processed oils and milk products have all been shown to be factors … Continue reading