Is Skipping Breakfast a Smart Thing or a Smarter Thing?

In our Western society, we are conditioned to eat breakfast. We are told it is the most important meal of the day because it breaks a fast of not eating from the previous day. Over time, it becomes a habit. … Continue reading

When or What?

I read an article this morning stating that eating earlier is better for your health. It states that eating breakfast lowers your risk of cardiac disease. Also, eating later at night resets your body’s clock in such a way that … Continue reading

Review of John Allen Mollenhauer’s 7-Day Water Only Diet

John Allen Mollenhauer, Founder and CEO of Performance Lifestyle Coaching Center, is in his sixth day of a medically supervised water-only fast. I watched and listened to his most recent FB Live video a very short while ago. He is … Continue reading

Start Now for Better 2017

Continuing my theme of small things almost everyone can do to begin improving their health now before the beginning of 2017. Start a habit early and it will stay with you for all of 2017 and the rest of your … Continue reading

Fasting – How Much Is Enough?

I fast 18 hours every day. I eat only between noon and six pm. At least that is my daily plan. Most of the time I am successful. I also incorporate restricted calories and balanced nutrition into the one or … Continue reading

Weight Loss – Philosophy – Eastern vs Western – Is One Better?

Josch13 / Pixabay Weight Loss – Eastern versus Western Philosophy Philosophy of Health & Wellness Weight loss can be achieved through many mechanisms.  As I research various items related to health, fitness, nutrition, aging, etc, I find major differences between … Continue reading