Is a Ketogenic Diet Safe for Healthy Longevity?

Keto diets seem to be the rage nowadays. Some people have transition issues from a blood glucose-based energy system to relying on fat for energy. Regardless, some things about this type of diet – low carb and high fat/protein – … Continue reading

Old Body – Young Brain  – Possible?

I believe we all want to live a full life with the ability to do what we want when we grow older. However, our brains have a part in our overall health. The brain ages until its mid-20s and then … Continue reading

The Difficult Path to Bone Health

  Most articles about bone health lead you to believe that all you have to do is to take a calcium supplement or eat a healthy diet that contains calcium, and your bones will get stronger. That is simply not true. … Continue reading

Drink Milk, Strong Bones – WRONG!

A business acquaintance and I were talking this morning about health and longevity. He told me his father will be 101 this year. He was in excellent health till his 90’s and things started to go downhill gradually. Most recently, … Continue reading

The Unknown Risk of a Low-Carbohydrate Diet

I mentioned that low carbohydrate diets have risks. I read five books on Atkins before going on that diet in the mid-90’s. I lost lots of weight and kept it off for years. I loved eating meat, eggs, cheese and … Continue reading