Eat Less and Enjoy a Longer Life

Most of us eat by habit. We have breakfast, usually foods associated with the first meal of the day. The term breakfast means to stop fasting from the night before and resume eating. Our culture believes breakfast is the most … Continue reading

A Blood Test to Determine Alzheimer’s Disease?

For years, doctors and medical scientists have told us that the only true way to know if a person has Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is to do an autopsy and analyze the brain. This is not a good way to predict … Continue reading

One Natural Method to Improve the Immune Function

Immunosenescence is associated with aging. The immune system does not function effectively. Researchers do not believe it is aging that causes the decline in immune effectiveness, but probably our long-term lifestyle choices – smoking, obesity, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, stress, … Continue reading

Arthritis Option You Probably Don’t Know About

I was talking to my neighbor recently. He complained briefly about some pains he was having in his knees. I asked if it were arthritis. He told me that he played college football and now he is paying for it. … Continue reading

You Could Be Dead Wrong?

How often do you check your blood pressure? Do you still believe the old standard of any blood pressure reading under 139/89 mm/Hg is nothing to worry about? You could be dead wrong. Over the decades, we continue to hone … Continue reading

Brain Health Requires Attention to Many Factors

What factors influence brain stability and health of your life? Allow me to concentrate on that topic for a few blogs.  The first is the blood-brain-barrier (BBB).  Our brains have a built-in protective mechanism. It is a physical barrier that … Continue reading

Eat Less (or More) Depending

Studies have been done on healthy individuals using 20 percent to 30 percent reduction of calories from previous normal levels. Testing results showed: ● Improved heart function ● Reduced biomarkers of inflammation ● Reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease and … Continue reading

Weight Loss – A Calorie Restriction Lifestyle Can Lead to Weight Loss and a Healthier Life

The Basics:  What you need to know if a few sentences. Eating less and exercising more is not the answer to looking younger, living longer and being healthier. A Calorie Restriction lifestyle is based on eating fewer calories, but those … Continue reading