Controlling the COX-2 Enzyme Can Reduce or Eliminate Pain After Surgery?

My wife had major surgery five days ago. She remained overnight and came home on Wednesday afternoon. She followed all the pre-op instructions about eating, clear liquids, and more before surgery. However, she also started taking whole fruit mangosteen juice … Continue reading

5 Ways Eating Less Means Living Longer & Healthier

Caloric restriction is a term applied to eating less. Consuming fewer calories leads to longer lives for almost all animals. They live longer than those animals fed a regular diet. They look younger and do not have as many age-related … Continue reading

This Natural Food Stops Stress

Why not choose foods that are nutritional and can reduce the risk of disease? We need stress in our lives. We don’t need an overabundance of it. Stress can kill. Many studies show how stress increases the risk of various diseases, … Continue reading