How to Achieve Significant Behavioral Change?

Leading ‘change’ theorists tell us that all human behavior is motivated by either pain or pleasure. We want to avoid pain or we seek pleasure. In fact, most of us avoid pain compared to gaining pleasure. Other theorists include significant emotional events (SEE). … Continue reading

Complacency, Procrastination or Indecisiveness Ruling Your Life?

Three terms seem closely related – Complacency, Procrastination, and Indecisiveness. Complacency is a feeling of contentment. We live in our comfort zones – safe, secure and content in what we are. Complacency can interfere with actions that we need to … Continue reading

Knowing Your Personality Type Might Help You in 2018

I’ve taken a number of personality tests over the years.  The Myers-Briggs was a standard test for the military.  It seems that 95% of all Naval Officers are ESTJ.  I am not one – as an ISTJ, I understand why … Continue reading