Six Toxins We Eat Daily That Increase Our Risk of All Diseases

Our immune system protects us from foreign invaders – viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Unfortunately, toxins in our foods also contribute to the destruction and deterioration of our immune system. Toxins and the Immune System One of the most controllable … Continue reading

Health Hazard – Artificial Colors

A whole food is one in which nothing has been done to it before you eat it.  A freshly picked tomato is an example of a whole food.  That’s not the norm for most of us.  We eat processed foods.  … Continue reading

It’s What We Don’t Know That Can Harm Us

I was waiting for a friend today in a local supermarket. I noticed over a dozen shoppers walking by with their carts half-full or more. I shop mostly in the fruits, vegetables and meats sections of the stores. I don’t … Continue reading