What Does Artificial Intelligence Tell Pharmaceutical Companies to Concentrate on To Extend Longevity?

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5 Ways Eating Less Means Living Longer & Healthier

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Too Many Health Benefits of Tea to List

I had surgery on my right wrist a few hours ago. It was the second surgery in as many months to remove squamous cell carcinomas. Both erupted from a topical chemo treatment I did a few months back – something … Continue reading

Is Exercise Really Worth It?

Yogi Berra said that “Baseball is ninety percent physical and the other half is mental.” Any exercise program is ninety percent mental. Doing it because you ‘have to’ is much harder than doing it because you ‘want to’ – or … Continue reading

Are the Rumors True about Synthetic Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Bodybuilders and celebrities have been known for using synthetic human growth hormone (HGH) to improve their athletic performance and appearance. They think it will do the same thing that the HGH we produce in our bodies does for us as … Continue reading