How Safe is Extended Fasting for Many Days?

I fast every month for a minimum of 72 hours. Most months, I end up over 100 hours. I fast by drinking only water and unsweetened iced tea. Once I reach 72 hours without food, I decide whether I want … Continue reading

One Supplement That Improves Health All Over Your Body

Many of us take supplements. Some because our diets are not balanced. Others take particular nutrients to live longer in better health. I take supplements – primarily vitamin E (all eight forms), vitamin K2, fiber, and a few more. One … Continue reading

Minding Your PQQs to Live Longer & Healthier

PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is one of my favorite nutrients. I’ve written and spoken about it in reference to brain health. It can be regenerated over 20,000 times to fight free radicals in the brain. PQQ is found in parsley, papaya, … Continue reading

Aspartame – Safe or Not!

Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener. It is a sugar substitute in foods and drinks. Aspartame was originally branded under the name NutraSweet in 1965. Today you can find it in Splenda, Equal and Sugar Twin. Table sugar is called … Continue reading