Significant Health Lessons I Learned While Watching NCIS

I have been watching a little television during my COVID vacation. I usually work in my office until around 9 pm and then head downstairs to unwind before bedtime. My wife and I have been watching earlier episodes of NCIS … Continue reading

COVID-19, Seasonal Influenza, and Allergies Symptoms Not the Same

Doctors treat symptoms, not causes of disease. Hence, it is critical to pay attention to your symptoms to receive the right treatment. COVID-19, seasonal influenza, and allergies have similar and different symptoms. What if you have a fever, cough, sneezing, … Continue reading

Eight Allergies That Can Ruin Your Life Today and Create Havoc as You Grow Older

Our current health and longevity are affected by our digestive system. Food sensitivities and food allergies are major health problems for a few of us. Keep a food journal if you start to notice symptoms to help isolate what potential … Continue reading

Eater Beware!

I did some research about what foods are bad for you. I found that there must be a hundred categories that have the top ‘worst’ foods. The list seemed to never end. A partial list of ‘worst foods for ____’ … Continue reading

Health Hazard – Artificial Colors

A whole food is one in which nothing has been done to it before you eat it.  A freshly picked tomato is an example of a whole food.  That’s not the norm for most of us.  We eat processed foods.  … Continue reading

Your Food Could Be Killing You

Approximately 30 percent of all people experience a food allergy during their lives. When we have a food sensitivity, our immune system works overtime to address the toxic inflammation created by that food. Sometimes the reaction can be immediate, as … Continue reading