When and How to Eat Can Lead To a Longer and Healthier Life

Valter Longo is a Professor at the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology. I have been following his studies for several years. It is why I fast (no calories) 72 to 120 hours every month. I do … Continue reading

Simple Blood Test to Predict Future Health

Blood tests tell us what is happening at the time the blood was drawn. Is there any blood test that predicts future health with a decent degree of accuracy? European researchers working with the University Hospitals Leuven in Belgium conducted … Continue reading

Alzheimer’s Might Be a Distant Memory!

Alzheimer’s Disease affects over five million Americans. Anyone who has had a friend or family member with this disease knows the havoc and devastation it can create. An otherwise perfectly healthy person is unable to recognize relationships or control his … Continue reading

Psychological vs Physical Stress, Which is Worse?

All of us are stressed daily. It is something nearly impossible to avoid. Divorce, marriage, children, work, and money are the most common stressors people face. Juggling job requirements, family priorities, money crises, career advancement, educational concerns, elderly care worries … Continue reading

How to Ensure You Will Die Before 70

Statistically, if we make 70 years of age, we will make 80 years of age. Many of us won’t make it to 70 years old. Some of us over 70 years of age live their lives as if they were … Continue reading

The Top 5 Excuses for Maintaining an Unhealthy Lifestyle

#1 is, I don’t have time. #2 is, I don’t see results #3 is, I feel I am already too unfit. #4 is, I don’t have the motivation. And, #5 is, The gym is too far away. Do you fit … Continue reading

One Option to Live Longer and Healthier

Today, I am well over half-way through a 40+ hour fast. Fasting increases animal longevity by 20-40%. It’s too early to tell if fasting extends human life. However, there are lots of testimonial data to support increased longevity and reduced … Continue reading

Healthcare Planning Made Simple

Healthcare is not referring to insurance in this discussion. Healthcare consists of those lifestyle choices you make daily. Good decisions usually leave you better than bad ones. However, accidents, disease, and heredity can ruin your plans. What is the best … Continue reading

Eat Less – Look and Feel Younger

Declining human growth hormone (HGH) is one cause of aging. We produce a lot of it right after we were born. We produce less each year thereafter. As HGH levels diminish, human aging or decay begins to increase. There are … Continue reading

The Final Frontier for All of Us

Can we control our aging processes? Can we live a better quality of life in the future? There are two primary causes of aging. The first is the loss of human growth hormone (HGH). The second is the loss of … Continue reading