1 Out of 3 E-Cigarette Users Report Lung Damage

Over 8 million Americans use, smoke, or vape e-cigarettes daily. Almost two and a half million Americans are suffering from health problems as a result. E-Cigarettes https://truthinitiative.org/research-resources/emerging-tobacco-products/e-cigarettes-facts-stats-and-regulations  An e-cigarette (an electronic nicotine delivery system – ENDS) heats a liquid that produces … Continue reading

11 Common Drug Categories Cause Memory Loss

I wrote recently about memory loss and anticholinergic drugs – those that block the action of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. However, there are many other types of drugs that muddle your mind and you may never know what is causing you … Continue reading

Reduce the Compulsive Need for Snacking to Lose Weight

Saffron is a spice – the dried stigmas of the Crocus sativus plant.  It is an expensive spice and can be lethal in high doses.  Saffron has been used in folk medicine for centuries.  It has been used to treat … Continue reading

Five Dictates to Master Health

I posted a saying the other day on Facebook. It said, just because it offends you doesn’t make you right. We tend to remember only what we have seen and learned from our birth. We don’t learn from history anymore. … Continue reading

Sleeping Pills Are Hazardous to Your Health

Most sleeping experts agree that prescription sleep medicines should not be taken more than a few weeks – a few days at best. They become habit forming and addiction has been known to occur. Long-term use leads to tolerance issues … Continue reading