Quitting or Taking a Break?

Have you abandoned your New Year’s resolutions? It’s nearly the end of January and there are still eleven months left this year. We start out each year with great intentions. We are even successful for a short while. Then, life … Continue reading

We Have The Technology

The Golden Globes are on television in the background right now as I’m writing this blog. I can barely hear it, which is good for my concentration. It has me wondering a bit though. We (various groups within the United … Continue reading

What is the Easiest Way to Start a Healthy Life?

Health happens to us. It seems that few of us plan our lives to be healthy. We eat what we want and exercise when it happens. It is not a planned cohesive event horizon for many of us. Why, someone … Continue reading

Instant Wisdom is the Way to Go

We experience many things in life. We make mistakes and should learn from them. However, do we ever seek knowledge in advance? I think so, sometimes. I check Google and YouTube often to solve some temporary problem that I’m facing … Continue reading

January 1st – Worse, Unchanged or Better in Your Future?

If you have a problem, it will get better, stay the same or get worse. Usually you’ll know in a couple of weeks. This problem can be health, financial, relational, etc. It doesn’t matter. Every thought we have creates chemicals … Continue reading

Is It Really The End of 2016?

We identify dates uniquely – day, month and year. We think that when 2017 officially arrives that it is a new year. In truth, it is. But, in fact, it is just another day. Chances are you will do just … Continue reading

How Is 2017 Different?

2017 is due in a little over a couple of days. I’m like many of y’all in that I want improvement in my life from one year to the next. If you ask me what my ‘resolutions’ were for 2014, … Continue reading

Where Do You Start With Food Choices?

What is important when selecting foods? Natural and healthy come to mind first. That implies raw – no containers or processing. In reality, that limits our choices to fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables should be the mainstay of almost … Continue reading

What Is The First Thing?

There are many things you can do to improve your health and wellness. The starting point varies from person to person. Each of our starting points different because of our age, gender, fitness, and other factors. Even people within the … Continue reading

Blog Review of Book Carli Lloyd, When Nobody Was Watching

I read four or more different types of books at the same time. I finished two last night (Code Warriors, NSA’s Codebreakers by Stephen Budiansky and Carli Lloyd When Nobody Was Watching). Reading how successful people from all disciplines decided … Continue reading