Remarkable New Progress Being Made To Quickly and Accurately Determine Infection

The new pandemic test could open doors for faster recovery.

I have always maintained and written about an effective way to control the spread of the pandemic virus is to have fast, cheap, and easy-to-use tests. For example, a person could test daily after awakening and know before they had breakfast if they were infected and stay home.

Europe and other countries have relatively fast and inexpensive (free most of the time) tests for their citizens. On the other hand, the United States has stayed in the dark ages (relatively speaking), relying on PCR test (the CDC gold standard) to determine if a person has the COVID-19 virus. Yet, the false positives are too high, and the PCR test is being phased out shortly (beginning of the new year).

Breathalyzer Test Ohio State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering, in conjunction with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, developed a breathalyzer test that accurately detects nanoparticles of coronavirus. This device and technology have been submitted to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration for Emergency Use Authorization.

Details COVID-19 infections are usually found in the upper airway and lower respiratory tract. As the disease progresses, nitric oxide and other volatile organic compounds are released into the exhaled air. Real-time screening for viral-induced particles could be detected with the right equipment.

Biomarkers of COVID-infected patients were analyzed. A distinctive nitric oxide pattern was observed and verified, especially for patients with COVID-19 and pneumonia. COVID-19 pneumonia was diagnosed nearly 90% of the time. Further research is being conducted to determine COVID-19 at the beginning of the infection cycle.


The faster a virus, any virus, can be detected, the quicker effective countermeasures can be employed to halt the spread or kill the disease. Getting a test and waiting days for results is unsatisfactory. Getting accurate test results quickly with a low-price tag is ideal.

Employers could quickly test dozens or hundreds of workers so that by the time a worker goes to the front door of a facility, the test results would be known, and that employee would be allowed entrance. The same could be applied to a restaurant or bar. Germany has a testing program available all over most cities. A COVID-19 test is done in less than fifteen minutes, and the results are emailed to the person being tested.

I have written and opined about the future of vaccines being administered through nasal sprays as more effective than injections for respiratory infections. Several studies show promise to combat coronavirus. It may be as practical or more effective than antiviral medicines.

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  1. WOW – How practically obvious an approach – with a lower price tag, faster turnaround, and more immediate response. Who knows – Sleepy Joe could have his own ‘warp speed’ event – or maybe it’s his ‘Brandon Event’!!!

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