Long Time – No Blog!

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Long Time – No Blog

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. I have been writing every day since January of 2014. I belong to a Facebook writer’s group. They started a 30-day challenge on January 1st of 2014. I wrote for 30 days and continued writing. However, other things were going on in my life and my blog/website fell out of sight.

My wife had breast cancer. She had surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and is now on hormone therapy. All is well. I used the FG group (My 500 Words) as a way to talk to people without telling the world about my wife’s cancer. She did not want it made public when she was going through it.

It’s been two years since her surgery. She actually had five total – a biopsy, two to put in and take out a port and two surgeries to remove the tumor. It was very small, and they went back in a second time to trim the edge, so to speak – I think the term in cleaning the margins, or something like that.

She finished radiation therapy on the day before Thanksgiving of 2014. Prior to radiation therapy, she was having significant fatigue. She would take one or two two-hour naps a day. It was the only side effect that I could not find a counter for during her treatment. The radiologist told her that it was most likely to get worse.

I had read the Wahl’s Protocol, by Dr. Terri Wahls. She is a physician who had a severe case of multiple sclerosis. I shifted my wife from her normal eating patterns to that of the diet (only) portion of the Wahls Protocol. It took two days before she gave up her naps. Within a week, she was working again as a volunteer at our church.

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