Inflammation – The Genesis of Almost Every Disease

Our bodies are like castles; however, sometimes the bad guys get inside.

Pixabay – Our bodies are like castles; however, sometimes the bad guys get inside.

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a plasma protein. CRP is not found in the blood of normal healthy people. CRP is generated when injury, illness, infection or other conditions cause an increase in inflammation in the body. Some studies indicate that prolonged elevated levels of CRP are predictive of heart disease, stroke, and a few other diseases. Since CRP is generated during times of increased inflammation, it might not be easy to determine where, in your body, the inflammation might be present. I always add this blood test to my annual physical. It is a good indicator of overall health.

The maximum levels of CRP are different for men and women. Optimal results are under 0.55 mg/L of CRP for men and under 1.5 mg/L of CRP for women. There are a few lifestyle changes that can be made if there is obvious cause of inflammation.

Activities and nutrient options to reduce excess C-reactive protein are:

● Stop smoking
● Maintain an ideal weight
● Eat a balanced nutritional diet
● Abandon wheat and grain products
● Avoid fried foods
● Add soluble fiber to your diet
● Include regular checks for periodontal disease
● Curcumin
● Fish oil
● Co-enzyme Q10
● Vitamin D3
● Green tea

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