How Do You Improve Health?

Do the right things to maintain or improve health.

cherylholt / Pixabay – You control many of the factors for improved health and longevity.

Anything that increases human growth hormone (HGH) improves the quality of your health and extends your age. It is one of two causes of aging – declining levels of HGH and the loss of telomere length. I will be discussing telomeres shortly in future blogs.

Just as HGH can be increased by exercise, fasting, dietary attention and other factors, HGH can also be inhibited. HGH naturally declines over time. I am reminded periodically of a basic premise that my mentor, Myron Golden, use to talk about in his presentation – a two-sentence statement for making wealth. Do what the wealthy people. Don’t do what the broke people do. The same applies to many aspects of our lives.

To be healthy, you have to do what healthy people do and not do what unhealthy people do. Part of the problem comes with defining health. Another thought flashing through my brain is when I interviewed people to work in the field of quality assurance. I would always ask their definition of ‘quality’. I got many answers – most of them wrong.

If someone were to ask you to define health, what would your answer be? It is more difficult than you might assume. I relate it to launching a rocket into outer space. All systems must be a go. All your body’s systems must be operating at 100% efficiency. If you don’t know what supports your systems, or what impacts your body negatively, how can you achieve good health?

All systems are 100% ready for launch.

WikiImages / Pixabay – All systems are 100% ready for launch.

The things that inhibit our health and lower HGH levels are high insulin levels, high blood glucose levels, nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalance, excess fat, aging, trans fat, inflammation, stress, toxins, fructose, poor quality sleep and inactivity. You can control most of these factors with proper nutrition and exercise.

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