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We need to focus on prevention rather than correction

Our health care is in crisis – we need to focus on prevention rather than correction.

We have a problem of nearly infinite proportions in our country. It is termed health care. However, our medical institution and the accompanying pharmacology industry are not treating health in a caring way. They are solving medical problems that are allowed to develop. True health care should begin with the end in mind – great and lasting health.

I used to think education was the solution. It is not. Even with the easy access to Google, people wait till there is a problem and then go to a doctor. They view their doctor as the one with immeasurable knowledge of how to fix their problem(s). And, from a technical standpoint, they do a very good job of fixing a problem once it has manifested itself. The angst that I have is that symptoms are treated and not the cause. How can you fix a problem when you never address the true cause of the problem?

I believe in personal responsibility. I am not advocating that the individual fix their own health problems, but I am suggesting, strongly suggesting that they take a very proactive role in the solution. Doctors do not study nutrition, nor do they stay up to date on the latest health and wellness findings. Pharmacy companies want to be part of the solution; and, many times they are responsible for future unintended consequences. Every drug has a side effect. When you are on multiple drugs, the side effects are compounded across many dimensions that are never tested.

We have a healthcare system that doesn’t prevent health problems, but should. I believe in shifting our paradigm of treatment on the prevention of disease rather that the corrective treatment of disease. I believe that the individual should consider his or her physician as a tool in their wellness program. When they need correction or adjustment, they go the specialist who can assist them. I believe that individuals need to take control of their own lives with regard to several critical healthcare factors – foods, toxins, exercise, and stress.

Eliminate the vast majority of prepackaged and processed foods from their lifestyle. Eliminate as many toxins as they can from their personal environment (skin care products, shampoo, processed foods, etc.). Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes – every day. Mix the exercise type and intensity. Lastly, perform stress reduction/removal activities several times a day. Eating a balanced meal with daily exercise can significantly improve your current health and extend it way beyond what most people consider to be possible.

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