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Public Speaker – Health and Wellness

ABWA Presentation April 2015

Red O’Laughlin at the April 2015 ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) is my primary e-mail address.

Red O’Laughlin, Distinguished Toastmaster – Professional Speaker

Red O'Laughlin Toastmaster Contest Winner

Toastmaster Contest Winner – Red O’Laughlin

281-437-8114 is my primary phone number.


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  1. I sat with you at ECSL this morning, and enjoyed talking with you. I would love to see your photos from the Camino!

  2. Mr. O’Laughlin,
    Dr. Ferryl McClain sent us a press release about a program you are presenting at Haekerville Pharmacy. I’m planning to run it in the Fort Bend Star. Can you please provide me with a little synopsis of what you will be talking about. Also, where are you located? Are you from Fort Bend County?
    Best always,
    Joe Southern

    • Wish I had checked this earlier. I did four different Health & Wellness talks at Haekerville Pharmacy last Saturday (26JAN19) on Brain Health, Heart Health, Longevity & Aging, and How Fatigue was eliminated in 48 hours after months of chemo and radiation therapies. I am located in Missouri City. Yes, I lie in Fort Bend County. Sorry Joe, let me know if there is any further information needed. My email is and I can be reached at 281-687-1188.

  3. Thank you, Sir. I am Romaysa Abdurahim, from your connection at LinkedIn.

    Looking forward to learn from you.

    Good day, everyone!

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