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Public Speaker – Health and Wellness

ABWA Presentation April 2015

Red O’Laughlin at the April 2015 ABWA (American Business Women’s Association) is my primary e-mail address.

Red O’Laughlin, Distinguished Toastmaster – Professional Speaker

Red O'Laughlin Toastmaster Contest Winner

Toastmaster Contest Winner – Red O’Laughlin

281-437-8114 is my primary phone number.


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  1. I sat with you at ECSL this morning, and enjoyed talking with you. I would love to see your photos from the Camino!

  2. Mr. O’Laughlin,
    Dr. Ferryl McClain sent us a press release about a program you are presenting at Haekerville Pharmacy. I’m planning to run it in the Fort Bend Star. Can you please provide me with a little synopsis of what you will be talking about. Also, where are you located? Are you from Fort Bend County?
    Best always,
    Joe Southern

    • Wish I had checked this earlier. I did four different Health & Wellness talks at Haekerville Pharmacy last Saturday (26JAN19) on Brain Health, Heart Health, Longevity & Aging, and How Fatigue was eliminated in 48 hours after months of chemo and radiation therapies. I am located in Missouri City. Yes, I lie in Fort Bend County. Sorry Joe, let me know if there is any further information needed. My email is and I can be reached at 281-687-1188.

  3. Thank you, Sir. I am Romaysa Abdurahim, from your connection at LinkedIn.

    Looking forward to learn from you.

    Good day, everyone!

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  5. Could you please tell me the brand name of the “TART CHERRY PILLS” you recommend for Neuropathy. Are they “pills” or “capsules”? Where can they be purchased at? Could you share a photo of the brand you recommend?

    Many thanks and God Bless 🙌🙏

  6. It looks like you have a couple spelling errors on your website such as the word “comparision”. Check out a service like to help. We’ve used it in the past and liked it.

    • Yes, my first love was Chemistry. I did not get a chance to practice it because I got an invitation to Vietnam as soon as I graduated from college. I do not write on medicine. I write on the chemical reactions in the human body to determine cause and effect relationships. Treat a cause and fix a problem. Treat symptoms and you will always be treating symptoms. I use my knowledge of chemistry to delve into the chemical reactions at the cellular level and learn what activates a reaction and what inhibits that same reaction.

  7. Hello Red, it was my great pleasure to speak with you and Dr. Jacalyn on April 7. Unfortunately, it was only audio on my part, due to a camera malfunction, which has been remedied.
    As a token of appreciation, I would like to autograph and send a set of books to you and Dr. Jacalyn. No strings attached other than perhaps an email with any comments you may wish to share.
    Once again, a sincere thank you to both you and Dr. Jacalyn.
    Gary Turner.

  8. Well done and congratulations.
    ILFD wants to honor an award ” OUTSTANDING CREATOR ON THE PLANET-EARTH-2023 @ AUSTIN @ the USA. HALL OF FAME will be awarded. Kindly, accept it and oblige us while receiving the same.

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