Does Natural Immunity Provide the Same Protection as Two Vaccinations?

A recent meta-analysis revealed some astonishing results. A meta-analysis is a statistical review of previously published data to find common results and trends. The Lancet, the oldest weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal, published the results of natural immunity vs. vaccination … Continue reading

To Some, It is Too Far in the Past to Remember, and For Others, It Seems Like Yesterday

Fifty years ago, a ceasefire was implemented in Vietnam this past week. This link gives a history of the Vietnam war. I entered the U. S. Navy in the summer of 1968. I said, “I do.” to the Navy … Continue reading

Perspective is Critical to Understanding Opinions and Attitudes

This week I read two articles on perspective. Kimberly Stefanski wrote one, and the other was a short video by Gary Vaynerchuk. I liked the format Kimberly used, and I am adopting a portion of it for my article today. … Continue reading

Imagination Can Take Pointy-Talky Cards to New Level

A pointy-talky card is a way to communicate. They have been used for many years. It is basic communication between two people who do not share the same language. A pictograph can have both the language of the person using … Continue reading

Adding One Letter to a Form Changed My Career

June 10, 1969, I entered Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, Florida. The Vietnam War was at full tilt. Exemptions from the draft were abolished. The best and the brightest were subject to becoming members of the military. Did you … Continue reading

How Does Our Current Pandemic Compare to the Spanish Flu of 1918-1919?

Today, the United States population is around 330 million. One hundred years ago, it was approximately 106 million. The COVID-19 pandemic has infected around 43 million people, of which just under 700,000 have died, and about 33 million have recovered. … Continue reading

How Video Killed the Radio Star 40 Years Ago

In a few hours, Music Television celebrates its 40th anniversary – August 1st, 1981, at one minute after midnight. I am a product of the ‘60s. I graduated from high school, graduated from college, got married, joined the military. Then, … Continue reading

Six Toxins We Eat Daily That Increase Our Risk of All Diseases

Our immune system protects us from foreign invaders – viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Unfortunately, toxins in our foods also contribute to the destruction and deterioration of our immune system. Toxins and the Immune System One of the most controllable … Continue reading

Latest FDA Approved Alzheimer’s Drug Shows Significant Success

The FDA approved the last Alzheimer’s drug in 2003. Almost twenty years later, researchers have developed a drug to targets one of the prime causes of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), beta-amyloid plaque. Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease Most doctors will tell … Continue reading