Do Face Masks Degrade Your Workout in the Gym?

Have you ever wondered if wearing a face mask would impede your workout at the gym or even a long-distance run? It seems logical that slowing down the flow of air into and out of your lungs would leave you … Continue reading

Fartleks Improve Health and Longevity

I used to jog for years, decades. I started jogging in earnest in the ‘70s – started running 5K (or equivalent) road races on weekends. In the ‘80s, I ran several days a week in New Orleans – a Wednesday … Continue reading

Is SEX Really the Best Exercise?

A headline caught my attention this morning. “657 reasons why sex is the best exercise.” Naturally, it caught my attention. There are 657 muscles in the human body and sex uses each one of them. It takes 38 muscles to … Continue reading

Cardiovascular Improvement by Running and Sprinting

The Basics:  What are the quick essentials to improving your cardiovascular health? Running builds endurance, but it doesn’t build your cardiovascular health as well as sprinting. Sprinting challenges your heart muscles to accelerate to full activity and then relax.  By … Continue reading