How Bad is It Here Compared to Everywhere Else?

Are the French worse off than the United States in living with the virus?

The media tells us how bad it is in the United States daily. But, have you ever wondered how bad it is here and in other places? Would you believe there are places in the world where the survival rate from COVID-19 is over 99%?

COVID-19 Survival Rates Over 99% Japan, Spain, Canada, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, and India are just a few countries where the survival rate from COVID-19 is over 99%.

Israel has a survival rate of 99.8%, South Korea’s is 99.7%, Hong Kong’s is 99.5%, and Japan’s is 99.5%. So when we hear the figure of 99% survival rate, does that mean anything? Yes, there is still a one percent chance you can catch the virus and die from it.

Does it depend on who is asking the question? From the beginning of this pandemic, we have known that older adults are the most vulnerable.

Death Demographics – COVID-19 Over one-quarter of a million Americans over the age of 85 have died with or from COVID-19. Almost the same number of citizens have died between 75 and 84 years of age. That is over one-half million out of over 900,000 people who have died in the United States.

Trim the age demographic a bit more by adding another 200,000+ who did not survive COVID-19 between 65 and 74 years of age. That equates to roughly 680,000 deaths attributed to the pandemic virus in people over 65.

The next bracket down, demographically speaking, is 50 to 64 years of age. That might be closer to those working adults with families. They are approaching retirement and have concerns about their future. Over 170,000 of this group passed on over the past two years due to coronavirus. This represents nearly 94% of all pandemic deaths. If you are under 50 years of age, you belong to a group of about 6%.

What about other countries? France, for instance? Eight percent of the French population perished to COVID-19 under 65. Nearly five and a half percent of Germans under the age of 59 are no longer with us because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

I scanned several websites looking specifically for COVID-19 death demographics. All were similar. And we would expect that. However, some countries were unprepared for the pandemic in early 2020 and suffered a much higher loss rate of older adults. Italy, for example, lost 99.6% of its aging population over the age of 59 to COVID-19.


Italy has a 99% survival rate overall. Less than two percent of the one percent loss of the pandemic were under 50 years of age. (0.02 times 0.01 equals 0.0002 of the total, for example). Is that enough to worry about if you are under 50 years of age? Would you buy a lottery ticket with those odds? The United States is running a 98% survival rate. Six percent of the two percent who died from coronavirus is tiny. So, again, if you are under 50 years of age, is there a significant concern?

Many people have died during the pandemic due to the virus. It is not lightly taken by anyone who lost a family member, coworker, or friend. Your family, coworkers, or friends might have been in the group of over 850,000 older Americans or 57,000 younger citizens. It still hurts regardless of their age.

I did not publish any data on those under 18 years of age or even under the age of ten. The numbers are meager. It appears this pandemic virus preys on the older, more health challenged. The old joke, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” rings true.

We tend to wait until something grabs us by the throat before we decide to visit the doctor. However, the military forced me to get an annual flight physical every year to remain on flight status. My string of over thirty years of physicals continued when I retired in 1999.

I have not missed an annual physical exam since 1967. I probably visited the doctor’s office for an employment physical back then, but those memories are harder to dredge up. Regardless, if you have not had a comprehensive physical exam in years, add it to your ‘to-do’ or ‘bucket’ list. Put it in writing because, in my case, if it is not in writing, it generally will not happen.

As always, protect the most vulnerable – they are the main target of this pandemic virus.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


Hiding Data Because It Might Be Misunderstood Is Not Right

We are not in the data collection mode anymore, but it is hard to tell the difference.

I remember that coronavirus data was everywhere during the first several months of the pandemic. Then, it appeared that databases were no longer being updated, and others consolidated into more centralized control. Data was then being parsed. The numbers supported the narrative of mandatory vaccine shots.

Today’s Headline The CDC is not publishing COVID-19 data that can help all of us. We get data on the number of new cases from the media and CDC. When was the last time you saw a headline from a source in the United States about breakthrough cases? Some states provide it, but not all.

The CDC was given over a billion dollars to update and maintain its database during this pandemic. As a result, lots of data has been collected. However, many in CDC fear that it may be misinterpreted and used against them by the anti-vaxxers. Additionally, the data was not working as the agency wanted it.

Many of the anti-vaccine crowd list trust as their number one reason not to get a vaccine. If you cannot trust those, to be honest with the data, why should you believe only what they chose to tell you?

Wastewater Data The CDC recently released a dashboard of wastewater data from 31 states. Data is collected from all 50 states, yet only 31 states have it integrated into the central database. How did that happen?

I have never heard the term, wastewater, as it applies to healthcare statistics. Wastewater data presents the pandemic virus as a community statistic. It eliminates privacy concerns related to medical data. Using the health data in a wastewater format removes the legal and ethical challenges.
Last September, the CDC launched the National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) to track the SARS-CoV-2 virus collected in wastewater samples across the United States.

Local health departments track the pandemic virus in their wastewater to alert the community to act more quickly when viral levels increase. This ‘early-warning’ system works in conjunction with other data collected by the CDC.

A person infected with coronavirus leaves traces of that virus in their bowel movements. The person can be asymptomatic and never know they were infected to leave a detectable amount of virus in their feces. Wastewater samples are collected and sent to laboratories to analyze. That data is sent to the CDC.

Wastewater – Value or Distraction Yes, it is probably a good thing to have a system that alerts you to increases in pandemic variants from samples of poop. But, the actual data people want to address are about people, hospitals, businesses, and lives.

When the vaccine effectiveness started tumbling downhill after six months, there was scant mention of it. That would have been super important to people to know. Yet, all we heard was a continual barrage of mandates and the importance of vaccines are to your health.

Scientists believe that wastewater data is the tip of the spear when it comes to knowing a new variant is multiplying in a community. So it may be, but I need more comparative data to convince me.

Part of the data recently released addressed the effectiveness of booster shots in adults under 65 years of age. However, the demographic of adults from 18 to 40 years of age was left out. Why? Because the booster shot offered no value above and beyond the two shots already. Selective information was given to the public!

Data – Where Else? I often research articles from other countries, especially Israel. However, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, India, Scotland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and other countries have headlines never seen in the United States.

For instance, the headline from the link above – treating COVID-19 for a dollar/day using ivermectin. A double-blind study that the CDC and WHO clearly state must be done to prove testing was ignored. Why? I do not know.

I am seeing retrenching of the success of ivermectin in wiping out the Delta surge in India last year. It was lauded in Israeli news sources and is now being discounted in Indian media.
Compare these two headlines – Ivermectin Obliterates 97 Percent of Delhi Cases and The success of ivermectin in preventing COVID-19 in India has not been proven

Data is data. What you do with it, how you share it, how you analyze it, and how it fits your purpose is found in both articles – just different perspectives and different purposes.

Two years into this pandemic, we have not progressed much in the coronavirus war. There has been a lot of data collected but not much more than new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. I would expect with all the hospitalizations; we would know the demographics of those being treated that are more meaningful than age distinctions.

How many people being treated for COVID-19 alone – no other health issue – have had vaccines and boosters? How long ago were they vaccinated or boosted? What are their ages/genders/races? And more. How many people died from COVID-19 (not other health issues). How many of those people had vaccinations and booster shots? What were their ages, etc.?


I do not think the CDC and WHO want us to know the real numbers. So it is not that we would misinterpret the data, but that we would see through the current narrative of mandatory vaccines that last six months and booster shots that last three or four months.

After seven or eight months, we would probably see that those who think they are bullet-proof because of their vaccine or booster shots would have something to worry about when attending weddings, funerals, graduations events, birthdays, etc. When people think they are fully protected, they let their guard down. People do not know how long their vaccine lasts.

I think knowing the effectiveness of our COVID-19 treatments is better than knowing the level of virus in wastewater treatment facilities.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


Confused About Natural Immunity in Today’s World?

Confusion abounds in many areas of our lives.

A person becomes infected with a disease. The body’s immune system responds accordingly. Over time, hopefully, you will survive the disease and have an everyday life again.

Your immune system has a vivid memory of that live pathogen that attacked and entered your body. As a result, it will be more vigilant and act more quickly in the future to thwart that same disease in the future.

That, in a nutshell, is naturally acquired immunity. Except in this pandemic age. It is discounted all the time in media. Why? Because the agenda is to push vaccines.

When vaccines work correctly, it is a good tool in the medical toolbox to fight the spread of disease. However, problems can develop when they do not work to counter the incoming attackers effectively. That is one reason why people do not want a COVID-19 vaccine.

Why Not Get Vaccinated? People who refuse to get vaccinated are not ignorant nor brainwashed. Trust of health authorities and the vaccine’s efficacy are primary reasons why many will never get vaccinated.

The new technology, mRNA vaccines, developed quickly and initially looked like it could stop the spread of the disease. It was adequate for a few months. I often opined that I would wait several months to decide to get vaccinated. I was upfront and said I would not get the mRNA vaccination because I thought the technology was not tested enough.

I set my personal line in the sand as September 2020. At that time, I would decide to get, or not get, vaccinated – and it would be with a viral vector vaccine. On the last day of August 2020, I caught the Delta variant as it visited my lovely south Texas city. Thanks to monoclonal antibodies, I made a rapid recovery and now have naturally acquired immunity.

Would I have decided not to get vaccinated had I not become infected with COVID-19? I honestly do not know. But, I tried to keep an open mind. I have written hundreds of articles on COVID-19 and probably know more than the average bear about this topic.

The artificial proteins used to develop mRNA vaccines are not natural. Development, approval, mass production, and distribution were expedited to save mankind from a disease that 99% of people survive, especially those under the age of 60.

Most vaccines go through a many-year cycle of clinical testing. However, the mRNA vaccines were distributed on a radically accelerated program in less than a year. Is this a reason to worry? Absolutely!

Over 12,000 people have died because of the vaccine. Of course, how do you know that the vaccine caused death? You do not. However, we have recorded many cases of anaphylaxis, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and heart failure.

If people had known this before getting a vaccine shot, would they have gotten one or both? It is a tricky question to answer. If you are risk-averse, then you would willingly jump at the opportunity to have hope in the vaccine rather than face a less than two percent chance of dying from the pandemic virus. There are countries in Europe where the survival rate is above 99.5% for COVID-19.

We heard the term, breakthrough, used to describe extremely rare situations when a person is fully vaccinated and becomes infected with the pandemic virus. Initially, this number was extremely low. Then, however, the breakthrough numbers shot up exponentially after the shelf-life ran out on the vaccine shots.

When people started seeing and hearing about people who had both vaccine shots (and boosters) getting infected with COVID-19, why would they think the vaccine offers any protection at all? This is a primary reason for me to discount the effectiveness of a six-month vaccine. Why should I risk my health on repeated vaccinations and booster shots that have a short fuse?

Trust in government is questioned all the time in private because anyone shouting it to the world is ridiculed and effectively shut down from the central exchange of ideas.

Public health trumps open debate. Politics trumps any existing potential solutions – Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc. When free speech is stopped, why should people believe in the efficacy and effectiveness of vaccines?

It is also interesting how reporting of COVID-19 deaths became an issue. If you died with or because of the pandemic virus, you were automatically listed as a COVID-19 death.

You may have died from a motorcycle accident, heart failure, stroke, or other cause, but with the mere fact that your body tested positive for COVID-19, your death was listed as a COVID-19 death. So why do people not trust their government and health authorities?

The list of reasons people choose not to get vaccinated is still lengthy. However, the purpose of this article is to cover the topic of naturally acquired immunity.

Naturally Acquired Immunity Immunity is conferred in the body when it recognizes an attack from a bacteria, virus, or fungus. The body’s response is locked into that pathogen exclusively.

The mRNA vaccines were developed using the coronavirus spike protein’s configuration. When that configuration was recognized in specific receptor sites in our bodies, the vaccine would activate our immune system to respond as if it had seen that virus before and provide protection against it.

When a person is infected with coronavirus, the immune system sees the entire spike configuration and the entire molecular structure of that pathogen. That is why naturally acquired immunity has worked so well over time. Even if a pathogen mutates a bit, the overall structure remains constant. So minute changes do not show up to confuse our immune system.

Why are our health authorities constantly harping on getting vaccinated and downplaying or not discussing the benefits of naturally acquired immunity? I do not know.

However, the term, Follow the Money, probably has some part in the answer. The narrative is heavily invested in vaccines and boosters, even if they only work for a few months. There is no money to be made with naturally acquired immunity.

Recent Studies Supporting Naturally Acquired Immunity A study down with nearly 40,000 Cleveland Clinic employees noted that administering one dose of the mRNA vaccine not designed for the Omicron variant (all vaccines are not designed for the Omicron variant!) six months or more after infection showed no evidence of a person needing a second shot of the vaccine. Was the single vaccine shot the wonder drug against Omicron – or was the naturally acquired immunity what kept the latest variant at bay? This United Kingdom study compared two vaccine doses to naturally acquired immunity and the lasting power of each other. Two vaccine doses showed immediate protection that lasted for a couple of months and then waned significantly after six months. We have seen those numbers from several studies over the past months.

Those with naturally acquired immunity showed high resistance to infection well over a year without reducing the level of protection afforded by the infection-caused immunity.


The powers that be want their vaccine to be of value. Any protection that a COVID-19 vaccine affords should be considered to enhance existing infection acquired immunity. Combining the vaccine with the naturally acquired immunity is now called hybrid immunity.

A person surviving the pandemic virus has a high level of protection from reinfection. However, is it possible to catch the virus again? Yes, I know several who have been infected twice. However, the second time around was slightly less impactful than the first.

Our immune systems respond to incoming attacks. However, a challenged immune system from stress, lack of quality sleep, and many health concerns (high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) can weaken the immune system to the degree that it cannot fully combat the reattack from COVID-19. In the United States, the survival rate from COVID-19 is above 98%.

If naturally acquired immunity is better than vaccine immunity, why is it not part of the vaccine mandate? Because it is not a vaccine immunity! Mandates cannot dictate who gets infected. However, mandates can drive people into making decisions and taking action.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


No Light at the End of the Tunnel, But Hoofbeats Are Getting Louder

I believe the hoofbeats are closer than we realize.

Two days ago, I read two articles that still have my mind in a whirl. One stated that Moderna plans to have an Omicron-Specific COVID Booster by August. OK, the threat of infection from Omicron is minor compared to other variants. So why do we need a booster for Omicron?

Moderna tells us that a booster will be needed, but they do not know if it will be their existing vaccine, an omicron-only vaccine, or one that is a combination of the two. They expect to decide after more clinical data is available in several months – probably August at the earliest.

They also promised that this new booster would protect simultaneously against the COVID-19 virus, seasonal influenza, and other respiratory diseases. Let me be clear in my thoughts at this moment.

Moderna has a COVID-19 vaccine, a temporary shot that prevents infection from the pandemic virus for around four to six months. We have not cured seasonal influenza with flu shots. And respiratory illness deaths are in the top ten (actually #6) of all deaths annually.

That is quite a bold statement to make – a new vaccine that they do not know what it will be composed of yet and will address our pandemic virus and other serious health concerns. Am I the only one who thinks this might be a bit too much to chew off at this time?

Omicron Status Worldwide, the Omicron panic is dying down – significantly dying down. It peaked in late January with just under three and a half million new cases daily. This week, the seven-day average of new cases/day is under 1.9 million. Daily deaths lag new case statistics by a couple of weeks. The trend of daily deaths is starting to fall noticeably.

The Omicron variant was detected in South Africa around Thanksgiving of 2020, and new cases skyrocketed very quickly. A week before Omicron was causing havoc, South Africa was experiencing around 500 new cases of coronavirus daily. By mid-December, the new daily case rate from the Omicron variant was just under 24,000. This week the numbers are stabilizing around 2,500 new cases/day.

Daily deaths in South Africa were in the low double digits before Omicron. It appears to be reaching its peak at around 200/day. Again, daily deaths lag new cases by about two weeks. New cases in South Africa rose by 48 times, and daily deaths have risen only ten times.

The Delta variant infection time lasted four times longer than the Omicron variant and never reached Omicron’s peak. However, the daily deaths are less than half that attributed to the Delta variant.

Second Article .It is estimated that nearly three-quarters of Americans now have naturally acquired immunity to the Omicron variant. Statisticians estimate that that percentage could rise to eight out of ten Americans in another month.

I remember the early prognostications for herd immunity. Some thought as few as 65% could be enough to thwart the further spread of the virus. Estimates were then ratcheted up to 85% as new variants arrived.

So, we are at (or near) 75% and moving on nicely to nearly 80% shortly. Does that mean (or not) that America is approaching herd immunity? Probably, but no one is talking about it. Our current vaccines are worthless against Omicron for two reasons. One is that their shelf life has expired, and the protection afforded during the first couple of months is less than 50% today. The second reason given for so many infections from Omicron is that the vaccine was designed against the original strain of SARS-CoV-2.

The Alpha and Bravo variants did not differ much from the original configuration, and the vaccine was effective. The Delta variant snuck in just as the expiration date of the original vaccine shots wore off. Devastation and high deaths followed – even with those fully vaccinated. Then, Omicron entered the picture, and booster shots have not helped.

The article states that herd immunity is no longer an option because there will be new variants. Yet nearly 80% of the population now, or will have shortly, naturally acquired immunity. It appears to me that everyone is still on the bandwagon that only vaccines can prevent forest fires – sorry, can prevent future infections.

Current infections and hospitalizations are still being blamed on the unvaccinated – even though in many cases the majority of hospitalizations are classified as breakthrough cases. They are not being reported that way. One would think it would be easy to determine how many people are unvaccinated in the United States.

I searched several websites and found lots of information blaming high hospital costs on the unvaccinated. I also found many reasons why people choose not to get vaccinated. But it was nearly impossible to find a discrete number of how many people are still not vaccinated.

Could it be that no one knows? When the Omicron variant blew through everyone, no matter whether vaccinations were recent or over six months old, infection rates burst through the ceiling. Many have contracted the pandemic virus and never had symptoms. I am confident that a few with very mild symptoms never got tested to determine whether they were positive for the coronavirus.

So, where does that leave us today? Unfortunately, I think we are still being led by the blind. The Mayo Clinic statistics show that the fully vaccinated rate for the United States was 61.3% in December. Today, it is 64.3% – a three percent increase in two months. Similar statistics are shown for those with only one vaccine shot – currently at 76%.

Vaccines are the only thing that can get us out of this pandemic, lower hospital costs, and reduce deaths. Nearly three out of four have at least one vaccine shot. And about three out of four have had COVID-19 (Omicron variant). What does that mean?

Only one-quarter of Americans might be unvaccinated – and that number might be very accurate. However, probably three-quarters of the unvaccinated have naturally acquired immunity from being infected with the Omicron variant. In addition, some people were fortunate to be protected from Omicron infection because of recent vaccine shots and boosters. So, could it really mean that at least 90% of Americans have some level of protection against the pandemic virus?

Conclusion Omicron is waning, and the number of new cases is almost to pre-Omicron levels. The number of daily deaths is declining significantly. I have opined several times that the Omicron variant might be the light at the end of the tunnel – the sound of hoofbeats approaching. It is a highly infectious variant that does not overwhelm the health care system and produces fewer deaths/new cases than any other variant.

By the time Omicron has run its course, a new variant might be headline material. Will it be more deadly? Who knows, we will be told that it is more prudent to treat it as if it were – stay in masks and social distance. However, if we (all) have naturally acquired immunity, should we worry about getting infected?

It is a tricky question to answer because no one knows that answer. Why is every other disease that we have naturally acquired immunity enough to prevent future infections, and this disease is different?

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


How Can We Scare People with Good News and a Bright Future?

Not all warnings are equal.

I was trolling through the news headlines today to determine what to write about. One news article caught my attention – “In warning to U.S., COVID rates soar after Denmark lifts all restrictions.”

I knew Denmark had lifted most if not all restrictions recently. I knew that the Omicron variant is more infectious than previous variants of SARS-CoV-2. I knew that many places in the world are seeing receding rates of infections and deaths from coronavirus because the Omicron variant has run its course. So, what was the article about?

I did not know that Denmark has the highest level of vaccinated citizens (over 80%), not that 90% of those now infected are fully vaccinated. That last percentage was not mentioned in the article. Additionally, 99.8% of Danes have survived the pandemic virus!

Denmark Lifts Restrictions I see continual efforts to flag coronavirus as a deadly killer. It is! There is no doubt about that. However, it is not as fatal today as during the first three months of this pandemic.

We know that the most vulnerable are those over 60 years of age with multiple health issues. Those are the ones that required protection. And most of them have had their COVID shots and booster.
Denmark’s officials know these same facts. So, what is going on in Denmark that has some people inflamed with the need to paint a picture of doom and gloom for them lifting restrictions and allowing the Danes a chance to return to near normalcy?

A graph was inserted in the article that shows Denmark recording more COVID-19 cases per capita than anywhere else in the world. And COVID hospitalizations and deaths have shot up by a third.
“Not looking good in Denmark,” was one caption attributed to the director of the Scripps Translational Institute. “Deaths are now 67% of peak, with a steep ascent,” further described the Danish situation.

Danish COVID Stats I checked my primary source of COVID-19 statistics to see the big picture – not one comparing rates per million or percent of previous surges. The first thing I noticed was that 99.8% of all Danes survived COVID-19. That is impressive and better than just about anywhere else in the world.

They have a half-million people being treated for mild coronavirus symptoms and only 31 people in a serious condition requiring hospitalization. Again, impressive numbers. Since the first of 2022, the total number of cases of COVID-19 has risen from around 800,000 to 2.25 million – a significant number!

Denmark had recorded roughly 3,200 deaths for people who died with or because of coronavirus as of the first of January 2022. Today, the total number of deaths is less than a thousand more. Approximately one-quarter of Danish deaths have happened this year.

This week’s death total of 30 people (seven-day rolling average) is less than the height of daily deaths nearly a year ago when new COVID-19 cases topped 3,200/day compared to today’s new case total of over 43,000/day.

In terms of deaths/million citizens, the Delta variant recorded six people per million compared to four people per million for the Omicron variant. The cases of COVID-19 reported for the Delta variant are about one-tenth of the Omicron variant.

Let’s look at hospitalizations. Twenty-three to twenty-four people per one million Danish citizens were hospitalized daily during the more lethal Delta variant. This month, the hospitalizations topped out briefly under fifteen/day and are currently around five/day.

United States and COVID-19 A very short while ago, there were over 800,000 new cases/day of COVID-19 in the United States. This week, the total is less than 140,000 new cases. Daily COVID-19 deaths have dropped from a seven-day rolling average of around 2,600/day to just slightly above 2,000/day and continue to fall. Reported deaths lag new cases by 10-14 days.

United Kingdom and COVID-19 New cases of COVID-19 topped out just over 180,000/day (seven-day average) a short while ago. Today, the average number of new cases of COVID-19 is averaging almost 50,000/day. Daily deaths have decreased from around 260/day to 160/day over this period. However, nearly a year ago, daily deaths averaged over 1,200/day.

Denmark COVID Testing Denmark tests more people than the United States and the United Kingdom on a per capita basis. They also have more effective testing methods than other countries.

As such, Denmark is catching flak from other countries because they take extra measures to ensure the infection is really a coronavirus infection. In addition, many countries are underreporting infections because of inferior test methods, and the level of testing is significantly lower.


Maybe Denmark has reached a level that ‘pandemic’ is no longer an applicable term. They may have achieved the endemic level for their country. All countries have the right to protect their people as they deem appropriate. Denmark is doing what it thinks is prudent and reasonable.

The Omicron variant has produced a tremendous surge in new cases in a country with over 82% of its citizens double vaccinated and 80% boosted. In addition, over 90% of senior citizens in Denmark have been protected by vaccinations and booster shots.

Remember, it was not long ago that experts told us that vaccinations would protect everyone from becoming infected. Oh, they are still telling us that today! The data not being reported is that 90% of new COVID-19 cases are in people who have been vaccinated

Fifty-six percent of those double vaccinated have contracted over 60% of other coronavirus variants and nearly 80% of the Omicron variant. Additionally, a quarter of those receiving booster shots have been documented with 10% of the Omicron virus, while less than nine percent of the unvaccinated Danes have been infected with Omicron. Still, 99.8% of Danes survived COVID-19!

Vaccines and boosters do not prevent infections, hospitalizations, and deaths from the pandemic virus. Do they lower the risk? Probably. It is hard to state that a person did not become infected or enter the hospital because of a vaccine or booster shot. It is impossible to prove a negative.

As with most news, time will tell how correctly things were reported. Fortunately, there are many records available to review for comparison’s sake.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –



The I-Drug May Be Coming into Your Life Soon in Another Capacity

Ivermectin being evaluated for anticancer drug use.

Ivermectin is being evaluated for use as an anticancer drug

Ivermectin has taken a lot of heat over the past two years because no clinical trials proved that it is effective in treating COVID-19. I know a few people who never take Ivermectin because it is an animal drug. Yet over 60 million people take it annually to control river blindness, scabies, and elephantiasis.

The drug is safe for human consumption, but the dose must be correct. That seems to be one of the warnings issued by health authorities to discourage people from using Ivermectin to self-treat the pandemic virus. I let my fingers walk through Google and found it easy to determine levels of this drug based on weight. Unfortunately, they did not do their due diligence if anyone is taking it incorrectly.

One of my sisters-in-law was exposed to COVID-19 a short while back, and her doctor immediately prescribed Ivermectin for her and her family. So why do some doctors recommend treating coronavirus with Ivermectin, and other doctors avoid it? I do not know, but I am sure that the political world we live in may have something to do with it.

Ivermectin – Antiviral Properties×2. I recently wrote about a new Japanese study of Ivermectin and its antiviral properties, which could be used in treating COVID-19 in the future. Clinical studies are under now in the United Kingdom to determine the effectiveness and safety of Ivermectin against coronavirus.

Ivermectin – Cancer Drug? One friend sent me this link in response to my article on Ivermectin as an antiviral drug. Not only does Ivermectin have antiparasitic and potentially antiviral qualities, there now appears to be evidence that it may become an anticancer drug.

The article referenced in the link above is a bit technical, but it is very informative and detailed. Ivermectin can promote cell death by apoptosis, pyroptosis, and autophagy.

Apoptosis is cell death that occurs normally and is part of a normal cell’s growth and development. Pyroptosis differs from apoptosis in that the former causes the nucleus of a cell to break into multiple pieces (chromatin bodies), and the latter keeps the nucleus intact. Autophagy is a normal biological process that removes damaged and unneeded cell parts and replaces them with new, fully functional cells.

When I do my monthly 72-hour-fasts, autophagy is the process by which damaged cells, dysfunctional DNA, and the like are removed. The result is an immune system that is reset and more responsive. In addition, ketogenic diets can sometimes induce autophagy.

Cancers cells proliferate – replicating copies of their DNA. More aggressive cancers proliferate faster. Metastasis is when cancer cells start growing in other parts of our bodies. This occurs when our immune system attacks the cancer tumor, oxygen or other nutrient demand is not met, lactic acid build-up, and other reasons. Cancer cells use a normal process in our bodies to grow new blood vessels – angiogenesis.

All three of these cancer growth properties (proliferation, metastasis, and angiogenesis) are inhibited by Ivermectin. Some chemo drugs are enhanced when used with Ivermectin. Many cancers develop drug resistance to treatment. Ivermectin appears to reduce or impede drug resistance in cancer treatments.


Chemotherapy is a standard cancer treatment. Recent studies at the University of Southern California ( have demonstrated the effectiveness of short-term and extended fasting in conjunction with chemo drugs to treat certain types of cancers with better results and fewer side effects. It appears that Ivermectin might be in the same league.

Tumors are a bit like alien beings. They learn and adapt to their surroundings. Unfortunately, chemo drugs that used to work well in the past are not as effective due to the cancer’s drug resistance. So any drug, new or old, that can mitigate the cancer tumor’s resistance to drugs is needed. Couple that with the ability that Ivermectin has shown in controlling cell growth methods, and it may be a wonder drug waiting to be discovered.

Ivermectin has demonstrated safety at levels to impact cancer cell growth and not affect the normal cells surrounding the tumor. That is a significant plus. There are still many unknowns about Ivermectin (and related compounds). Clinical research, studies, and trials will clarify its use and combination with other specific drugs to treat cancer. The current data generated in research clearly shows that Ivermectin is a potential anticancer drug in the future.

Live Longer & Enjoy Life! – Red O’Laughlin –


A New Role Around the Corner for a Miracle Drug That Has Helped Millions?

Sometimes it is best to pick up the spear and fight – even if it is a new fight!

Ivermectin has helped millions of humans since its discovery in 1975. Initially, the drug was developed from golf course soil samples. The research at the Kitsato Institute in Japan showed great promise in its antiparasitic effects. The first name given to this drug was Avermectin. Further research improved the drug’s effectiveness and safety, and it was called Ivermectin and marketed as Mectizan.

History of Ivermectin Human parasites are a common problem in many areas of the world, particularly in Africa. Mectizan was used in animals until a test study in 1981 and showed its effectiveness against the parasite, Onchocerca volvulus, which causes River Blindness in humans. It proved very successful in killing the parasitic worm but not the adult parasite.

Further testing showed that Mectizan controlled the growth of River Blindness parasites for up to twelve months. In 1987, the drug was reported to be safe and effective in humans and approved in France. Over the next several years, annual doses of this drug were routinely given to thirty-plus million people to control River Blindness.

The United States does not have River Blindness, and approval was not solicited there. Finally, in 1996, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the drug to treat strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis. By 2005, over sixty million people are regularly treated annually with Ivermectin (Mectizan) for River Blindness and Elephantiasis. The references in the link above were printed in 2005 – long before Ivermectin was used to treat the pandemic virus.

Antiviral Drugs Ivermectin has antiviral properties in humans. Recent studies in Japan show that Ivermectin was effective against the Omicron and other pandemic viral variants.

Clinical trials are still ongoing. Japan has not approved Ivermectin for use against COVID-19 due to a lack of studies showing effectiveness, efficacy, and safety. The United Kingdom has clinical studies underway to determine if Ivermectin can be used to treat coronavirus.

Testimonial Data

All countries want any drug used to treat a problem studied to ensure it works and is safe. This is usually done through clinical studies. The studies are set up to thoroughly test the drug’s ability to counter the health threat but also not expose or increase new health vulnerabilities to its population. The VAERS reporting system tracks adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines. From December 14, 2020, to January 31, 2021, there were nearly 12,000 deaths reported. However, the report was quick to point out that the vaccine might not have caused the death and that the number of deaths is extremely low considering the number of vaccines distributed.

Remember those cases of vehicular accidents nearly killing people, and they later died in the hospital. During the check-in process, those people who tested positive for COVID-19 were declared dead because of or with COVID-19, and they became a death statistic in the pandemic count.

The CDC defended their position many times that it was necessary to count those deaths as COVID-1related. Who knows how COVID-19 might have played a part in the death process? Again, the same could be said for pneumonia, cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, and more. Did a person really die because of COVID-19 or with it? We will probably never know.

However, we do know that Ivermectin saved thousands, if not millions, of lives in India. and are two of a few blogs I wrote last year when India was inundated with the Delta variant. They went from dozens of deaths/day to over 35,000/day in just a few weeks. There were not enough vaccines, and India chose to use Ivermectin. The daily death count was back in the few dozen per day within a few weeks. Testimonial data – yes! Clinical data – no!

Cover-up Underway? Since there were no clinical trials established and tracked as thousands of people were spared from the horrors of the pandemic virus, the current theory says that Ivermectin cannot be held accountable for saving those people – there is no scientific evidence to prove it.


When things do not make sense, a wise person (Deep Throat) coined the term, Follow the Money, during the 1972 Watergate Scandal. It is quite appropriate. Today, we know, or some of us know, that naturally acquired immunity is, or should be, better than vaccine immunity.

Vaccines view a sliver of genetic data to determine if our immune system should respond quickly. Naturally acquired immunity has a history of viewing the entire spike and viral molecule in its archive. Therefore, a vaccine focusing on the original spike configuration (and the Alpha and Beta variants) might not detect a slight change in spike proteins.

However, as variant mutations occur, the earlier, locked-in, window of vaccine immunity cannot discern between friend or foe – or between foe and a foe in sheep’s clothing (Omicron variant).
Additionally, the clinical studies did not stop in late 2020. The government made a wise decision to use something that appeared to work and work now rather than risk potentially millions of more new cases, hospital strain, and deaths. We were led to believe that vaccines were the panacea to the pandemic. In a short time, herd immunity would shut down the pandemic.

However, we now know that vaccines have a shelf life of about six or seven months before they are no longer effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus. Booster shots do not last as long. Yet, we are being told to get vaccines and boosters as if they are 100% effective when they are not. Why? Follow the money? I am just guessing. I do not know why.

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How Do We Know if Our Loved Ones Have Alzheimer’s and What Options Do We Have?

Alzheimer’s is hard to diagnose and treat.

Last night, I was on my regular monthly Zoom meeting with some squadron mates from VP-94. VP-94 was a Patrol Squadron stationed in Belle Chase, LA, until decommissioned in 2006 ( The topics vary from all corners of the world at some of these meetings. One topic that surfaced last night was Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

It is a terrible disease that affects many older adults and doubles every five years. Currently, nearly six million Americans have AD. It is one of several types of dementia.

I have experienced AD in our family – primarily with my father-in-law and a brother-in-law. This disease has also afflicted several friends. Years ago, I did not know much about dementia, its causes, and options. Since then, I have researched dementia and have written 40 or so articles about it. I speak three or four times a year on age-related diseases also.

I am a researcher, not a physician. I have never been associated with any pharmaceutical company. My first love was chemistry – long before I met my wife of 53 years. Interestingly enough, I said, “I do!” to the Navy on a Sunday afternoon in 1968. The following Wednesday, I said, “I do!” to my wife.

Thirty-one years later, I retired from the Navy. I am retired now with my wife enjoying life. I enjoy researching the human body at the cellular level, chemically speaking, looking for cause and effect relationships. Treat a cause and fix a problem. Treat a symptom, and you will always be treating that symptom.

Alzheimer’s Disease We lose a bit of our memory as we age. It is normal. Is there a defining line that separates normal aging and early-onset AD? Memory loss is not indicative of AD by itself. Coupled with memory problems with difficulty planning and solving problems, the assessment might begin to take shape.

When a person has difficulty doing those things they have done all the time, now there is time to worry a bit. We all forget the right word when it is needed; however, AD makes it a habit. When things are misplaced and decisions become more complicated, the probable assessment is dementia of one sort or another.

Testing for AD Yes, some tests give a better indicator of AD. Some are nearly 80% effective in their assessment. However, having AD symptoms is not the same thing as having AD. A deficiency in vitamin B12 mimics AD. (

Vegans and some vegetarians have difficulty obtaining and maintaining healthy levels of vitamin B-12. Supplements generally have a vitamin B-12 listed as cyanocobalamin. Technically, it is B-12 (a cobalamin, but a synthetic one). It cannot survive stomach acid. However, some processes coat the B-12, so it survives initial digestion.

Methylcobalamin is a natural form found in certain foods. It is absorbed into the bloodstream subliminally (under the tongue). Both cyanocobalamin and methylcobalamin are converted into adenosylcobalamin, the active form used in the body. A vitamin B-12 deficiency can be corrected in generally a month or two. However, do not expect overnight improvement.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is one of four phospholipids the body makes. Over time, our bodies produce less and less. It is a critical component for nerve health and performance. A deficiency in this lipid can account for AD-like symptoms (

My brother-in-law had dementia symptoms for a couple or more years. Eventually, he started a daily regimen of PS supplementation. In about two months, he could tell you what was on television last night, what shows he wanted to watch tonight, what he had for breakfast yesterday and this morning. He was literally a new man.

With vitamin B-12 or PSS supplementation, we might only be treating a symptom and not the cause of disease. It fills a temporary need but is not permanent. Ask a medical professional what causes AD, and you will get an answer about beta-amyloid plaques or tau tangles in the brain. And they are correct. But something caused those to occur, which is the part we need to treat before it gets to that stage.

Wahls Protocol I am a believer in balanced nutrition for a healthy life. Dr. Terry Wahls is a physician who developed multiple sclerosis (MS) late in life. No matter what the doctors did, her condition got worse. MS is an autoimmune disease. Dr. Wahls studied autoimmune diseases and wrote her well-known book, The Wahls Protocol.

She put herself on her own protocol (diet, toxin removal, exercise, stress management), and after years in a wheelchair, she was able to walk using a walker after three months. A month later, she walked with just a cane. By the end of the year, she was bicycling eighteen miles.

When I read her book, my wife was nearing the end of her radiation therapy for breast cancer. My wife (and I) started the Wahls Protocol regimen (diet only) on Day 1 of her radiation therapy. The only symptom I could not address adequately was fatigue.

She was taking one or two two-hour naps daily. She stopped taking naps by Day 3 of her radiation treatments. She returned to her volunteer work at our church by Day 7. Months of chemo-fog disappeared, and radiation did not affect her fatigue, although her radiologist assured us it would probably get worse.

On the last day of radiation therapy, we left Houston, Texas, and drove to Jacksonville, Florida, to rent a U-Haul and drive my parents’ estate items that we wanted back home. She drove, by herself, five hundred miles each day for two days – seventy-two hours after her last radiation treatment. That made a believer out of it for me.

Based on that personal experience, I unequivocally recommend that balanced nutrition become a daily part of a healthy life. The Wahls Protocol diet provides over 30+ nutrients the body needs daily. If a deficiency or multiple deficiencies exist, why not correct those quickly by eating right. Now you can eliminate nutrient deficiency as a cause.

Inflammation at the cellular level is the genesis of at least 90% of all diseases. The brain is like most organs in our bodies. It is protected by a blood-brain barrier to keep it healthy. However, things do creep in. Sugar (carbs) increases blood glucose levels. In moderation, our bodies work well.
What happens when moderation is not in our lexicon?

Brain Inflammation High blood sugar, chronic stress, food intolerance, and more can increase inflammation in the brain. Antioxidants tame inflammation. Oxidative stress occurs when inflammation consistently overpowers the levels of antioxidants in the body.

One antioxidant I recommend is PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone – ( It can pass through the blood-brain barrier and reduce inflammation. Most antioxidants are used once, and they are done. They have an extra electron to donate to shut down a free radical without becoming a free radical after the donation.

PQQ can be regenerated 20,000 times or more – one molecule in the brain is effectively an army of twenty thousand. In my brother-in-law’s case, he was on supplemental PQQ for a couple of months before results were seen – fantastic results. Then, he returned to the everyday world for over a year.


The first thing I would do if I thought a loved one had early symptoms of dementia is to get a CRP (c-reactive protein) test. It is an inexpensive blood test that can be obtained for under $100 (in some cases $12.95 – Google it). That tells quantitatively how much inflammation there is in the body. It will not tell you where, but it will be a good start. That test result and a physician’s visit would be a place to start.

The next thing to consider is changing the daily diet to minimize calories and maximize nutrition (Wahls Protocol). My wife saw results in 72 hours. I would not go to the bank on that testimonial evidence! Identify and remove as many toxins as possible. This includes the foods you buy and specifically the personal care products you use.

Exercise and stress management should be discussed with your doctor, especially on any prescription medications. We want our bodies to function as close to normal as we can. As we address diet, exercise, stress, and more, our immune function improves, which helps fight against disease.

AD is challenging to address when you have many answers in advance. Buying an extra few years might be the best result. It took years for AD to develop, and it cannot be corrected after the horses have left the barn. I have an AD book nearing publication (hopefully this month). It is a compilation of my forty articles and other vital brain-health suggestions.

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Is the Third Shot Like a Third Strike?

How many strikes does a player get in a game? How many shots do you need to be protected?

It is common knowledge that the COVID-19 vaccine shots are temporary – about six months and their protection against infection drops like a rock. So is a booster shot, a third COVID-19 vaccine shot, going to give you absolute protection?

Third Shot . A third vaccine shot offers some protection, but not anything more significant than the original series of shots. The Pfizer mRNA vaccine shot provided around 95% protection against getting infected for the first couple of months. After six months, the protection from infection drops below 50%.

The Pfizer booster shot is also less than six months. Researchers in the United Kingdom report that the booster loses about 30% of its value in two weeks. By three months, the protection level drops below 50%.

To be fully protected, you need to get a booster shot monthly. However, that is impractical and has not been evaluated to be safe. Maybe the most at-risk people should be candidates for a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly booster shot?

Omicron’s Future I am seeing a few articles about how the Omicron variant surge is starting to recede (a bit). is my go-to source for pandemic data. The current surge is infecting well over three million people daily.

The Delta and previous surges never reached a million new cases a day. The daily deaths from the Omicron variant are significantly less than daily deaths from all previous surges – around seven thousand a day for Omicron to between ten thousand and nearly fifteen thousand daily deaths in 2021.

Yes, the Omicron variant is milder. I expect that many people have become infected and never showed symptoms – they were asymptomatic. However, the sheer numbers of new cases, even with lower infection rates, challenge some hospitals to treat the pandemic virus and remain a safe haven for treating other patients.

The risk of an infected Omicron variant patient entering a hospital is about half of that recorded from the Delta variant. One in four will see a ventilator compared to the Delta experience. Again, sheer numbers are taxing healthcare systems.

Vaccine Protection This link provides an excellent comparative assessment of the pandemic vaccines. However, little is given about the protective value against infection after six months. Our bodies are enhanced with protection recognizing antibodies with vaccines.

Naturally acquired immunity has similar results. However, vaccines look at a tiny sliver of proteins on the SARS-Co-V2 virus. The mRNA vaccines were developed using the original virus model. The Alpha and Beta variants were not much different, and the vaccine worked well early on.

Then the Delta variant appeared in our midst with substantial changes to the spike protein arrangement. More people become infected because our bodies could not quickly identify the invading virus to respond effectively. An infected person’s immune system sees the spike and the entire viral molecule’s geometry.

I equate it to the visibility a driver sees while driving at night in a severe rainstorm compared to driving on a bright sunny afternoon. The vaccine gives your immune system a slice of the road ahead – a thin slice. Naturally acquired immunity provides a clear picture of the road and the countryside.

One of my favorite expressions is ‘Follow the Money,’ which comes from the 1976 movie, All the President’s Men. There is no money to be made in shouting the differences between vaccines and naturally acquired immunity. Therefore, keep quiet.


The pandemic virus will continue to mutate. It is what viruses do. The Omicron variant is less virulent than the original virus and variants – Alpha, Bravo, and Delta. Five times more people are being infected daily with the Omicron variant than the Delta variant. However, the daily death figures are still lower for Omicron than Delta. That is definitely a blessing.

The United States has just under 75 million people infected with the pandemic virus, with a bit less than 900,000 not living through it. Do we have only 75 million people with naturally acquired immunity? No, it is significantly higher than that. Double? Triple? I could accept between 150 million and 200 million as realistic assessments of how many Americans have naturally acquired immunity.

Herd immunity is now calculated at above 85%, given the infection rate of Omicron. With a population of 330 million, when will the United States reach a plateau where the virus cannot spread effectively? Maybe this year? Maybe next year? Who knows? In the meantime, remember that over 99% of the people survive COVID-19.

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Numbers Are Now Available for Accurate Comparisons of Two Evils

When comparing things we need to ensure apples are not mixed with oranges.

Most of us remember how bad the Delta variant of COVID-19 was just a few months ago. I was one of the fortunate ones to survive Delta with just a cough and a bit of fatigue. Many were not.

However, the latest headlines are focused on daily records of new cases of COVID-19 brought on by the Omicron variant. For weeks, health authorities recognized the enhanced capability of the Omicron variant to infect people.

However, there was little confirmation that it was as deadly as the Delta variant. There seemed to be a ‘wait and see’ world view, or at least in the United States, of the real impact of this viral mutation.

New Comparison Kaiser Permanente Southern California published results showing that the Omicron variant is much less deadly than the Delta variant – 91% less deadly.

Delta Variant The Delta variant of COVID-19 surfaced in India in late 2020. It was not until May of 2021 that North Texas reported the first cases of Delta in the United States. There are roughly 13 mutations in the SARS-Co-V-2 virus spike associated with the Delta variant.

The first case of Omicron reported in the United States was in December 2021. Over 50 mutations were observed, with 30 of them in the spike.

Omicron Study Over 50,000 Omicron infections and nearly 17,000 Delta cases were reviewed in this study. All were confirmed cases between the end of November 2021 and the first of January 2022.

People infected with Omicron were three out of four times less likely to need treatment in an ICU than those with the Delta variant. Slight over one out of two needed hospitalizations in a similar comparison. None required ventilators.

Hospital visits were also significantly shorter with those infected by Omicron (1.5 days) to Delta (5 days). The problem facing our healthcare industry is not the minimal number of days in a hospital but the overwhelming magnitude of Omicron infection.

Variant Statistics During the height of Delta (and it is not over yet), the new cases of COVID-19 were over 160,000 daily. This week, over 800,000 cases of Omicron were reported.

The number of infected is probably well over a million because many do not have symptoms or are so mild they do not get tested. In some cases, testing facilities were overwhelmed, and people recovered before testing could be done.

Daily deaths averaged over 2,000 at the height of Delta’s surge. However, the daily deaths continued to climb this past week to 1,800. Some reports indicate that some of those deaths are probably related to Delta infections.

That makes sense when you look at the worldwide statistics. The Delta surge had over 650,000 new cases daily at its height compared to over 3.25 million new cases daily from the Omicron variant. In addition, worldwide deaths continue to decline from over 10,000 daily deaths from Delta compared to this week’s report of under 7,000 daily deaths.


Hospitals are being pushed to the maximum in parts of the United States because four to five times more people are infected with COVID-19. The good news is that many are released within a couple of days when they have the Omicron variant compared to around a week for those infected by Delta.

I think this is a possible pathway for herd immunity. Two percent of Americans have died from COVID-19 – most of them in the first three months of the pandemic. The death rate is less than one percent when the early deaths are not considered. Factor in the people with multiple health issues, and the death rate is probably under half of one percent.

Annually, the United States typically has 2,800,000 obesity-related deaths, 650,000 heart-related deaths, 600,000 cancer deaths, 480,000 smoking-related deaths, 465K COVID-19 deaths, 385,000 2020 COVID-19 deaths,  40,000 pneumonia-related deaths, and 35,000 seasonal influenza deaths on the average.

Less than 60,000 out of 860,000 deaths from COVID-19 occurred in people less than 50 years of age. Should you worry about becoming infected by the Omicron variant if you are under 50? Yes, everyone should worry.

How much you worry depends on your health, mostly on your immune system.

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